I started this blog because I enjoy cooking and baking. Friends and family often asked for recipes when I posted photos of whatever I was cooking up, so the blog was born.  I also wanted a place to share my grandmother’s recipes and years of tips and tricks picked up in the food industry. I hope you find the recipes and tips helpful, and find inspiration to try new things.  Trust me, if I can do it you can do it.

I encourage you to comment, ask questions and share ideas. This blog is just an extension of my kitchen, and I love to talk about food and recipes. There are no strangers here, everyone is welcome. If you are a cook, chef or foodie and want to share your recipes you can join my collaborative board on Pinterest here. I love to collaborate with fellow food enthusiasts. If you have a project in mind shoot me an email at oldguykitchen@gmail.com

I should also mention that I currently work for the JM Smucker Company.  This blog is not part of my job and the opinions shared here are my own unless otherwise noted.  I do think we make some pretty awesome products and I tend to use them a lot when I cook and bake. Anytime I use one of our products in a blog post or recipe you will see #employee or other identifying statement at the top of the post.