Cold Pasta Salad

If you can boil water, you can make this cold pasta salad. It is incredibly flexible so you can adjust to include/omit ingredients based on your personal preferences or just what you have on hand. It holds well for several days in the fridge (I think it gets better) so you can make it well in advance. Ingredients 1 box (12-16oz) pasta. I like to … Continue reading Cold Pasta Salad

Italian Roasted Veggies

This is one recipe you really need to try. Partly because it is so easy, and partly because it is sooooo good. Honestly, any recipe that can be fully demonstrated with three pictures is not going to challenge your cooking skills. The hardest part about this recipe is washing the veggies. Try it. You can thank me later. In the video below this recipe is … Continue reading Italian Roasted Veggies

Cranberry Salad

I have known of the existence of cranberries most of my life. I tried cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving when I was a kid and hated it. Too sour. Later in my life I tried dried cranberries, and found that I liked them as they were much sweeter. I have seen fresh cranberries for sale in bags around the holidays and assumed they were only good … Continue reading Cranberry Salad