Italian Red Sauce

When you find an old typed recipe for red sauce in the family collection you have to give it some real consideration. When I saw this requires 6 hours of simmer time I knew I had the real deal. I’ve discussed red sauce with more than a few Italians over the years. Every good family has there own recipe for making it “right”, but the good ones have a few things in common.

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Food Court Copycat General Tso’s Sauce

Whether you know this as General Tso, Tao, Tso’s, or even Tse, this spicy sauce a popular across the U.S. in Chinese restaurants. While there was indeed a General Tso (sort of) and he was from the Hunan province of China neither he nor China have anything to do with this sauce. It is a completely American creation, and no one can honestly say exactly … Continue reading Food Court Copycat General Tso’s Sauce