Pork Egg Rolls

Nothing goes better with Bourbon Chicken or some General Tso’s than egg rolls. Those crispy meat and vegetable filled bits of deliciousness rolled up and deep fried to golden perfection. You can buy frozen versions of these at the grocery, but they are so much more fun to make yourself. Once you try these you will also see how easy it is to adjust this recipe to use whatever meats and vegetables you wish.

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Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stacey loves these and orders them any time we are at a Mediterranean or Lebanese restaurant. I wanted to make these at home so I poured over many, many recipes. The variations are endless. Some feature rice and vegetables only, but many include meat. For the meat options some recipes use ground beef (I don’t feel that is particularly authentic, but it is much more … Continue reading Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is one of those vegetables you can find year round.  (It is important to use fresh broccoli for this recipe, the frozen stuff just doesn’t work).  This a great side or snack year round. It is also considerably cheaper (and tastes better) to make it yourself. In my local grocery this stuff costs around $6 for a tiny little bowl. You can make a … Continue reading Broccoli Salad

Missing South Carolina Fried Okra

I love visiting Charleston, SC (and my friends in Goose Creek).  The wonderful company, great weather and beautiful ocean views are hard to beat.  And the food! Low country comfort food, fresh seafood and some mighty fine “Q” are abundant.  When I’m really missing it all I whip up a batch of fried okra, close my eyes and imagine I’m back for just a moment. … Continue reading Missing South Carolina Fried Okra