Spicy Maple Bourbon Refrigerator Pickles

A good pickle is hard to beat. They are great snacks, garnishes and ingredients if you want add a little zip to your daily meal. The good news is you can make these at home with no special equipment. If you have a large bowl, some jars with lids and a refrigerator you can make awesome pickles. I started with a basic spicy dill pickle … Continue reading Spicy Maple Bourbon Refrigerator Pickles

Veggie and Mushroom Bourguignon

This is a meat free version of Beef Bourguignon, a.k.a. Beef Burgundy, which is a French beef stew. Even without the meat this is a savory and hearty meal. Don’t let the fancy French name fool you, this is actually an easy dish to make and even beginning cooks can master this on the first try. In France this is commonly served with noodles or … Continue reading Veggie and Mushroom Bourguignon

Italian Roasted Veggies

This is one recipe you really need to try. Partly because it is so easy, and partly because it is sooooo good. Honestly, any recipe that can be fully demonstrated with three pictures is not going to challenge your cooking skills. The hardest part about this recipe is washing the veggies. Try it. You can thank me later. In the video below this recipe is … Continue reading Italian Roasted Veggies

Maharajah Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

Antonio over at Seasonality Spices sent me a free sample of his Maharajah Indian Curry Blend, so I have been trying out some new curry recipes. This week it is a delicious sweet potato curry. You won’t miss the meat, I promise. As an added bonus, it gave me an excuse to use my tiny little grater for the ginger. The coconut milk and sweet … Continue reading Maharajah Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry