Spicy Maple Bourbon Refrigerator Pickles

A good pickle is hard to beat. They are great snacks, garnishes and ingredients if you want add a little zip to your daily meal. The good news is you can make these at home with no special equipment. If you have a large bowl, some jars with lids and a refrigerator you can make awesome pickles. I started with a basic spicy dill pickle … Continue reading Spicy Maple Bourbon Refrigerator Pickles

Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Salsa Fresco and Honey Lemon Slaw

These are, hands down, the best fish tacos on the planet. The fish is crispy and light, the white sauce is creamy with a little heat, and the slaw and salsa just complete the experience. They are inspired by the Baja style fish tacos in southern California. This is my go to menu for having friends over on a Friday night. You can make most … Continue reading Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Salsa Fresco and Honey Lemon Slaw

Happy Hour – Cocktail Recipes

Everyone needs to unwind once in a while. With some simple tools and some basic ingredients you can throw quite a party – or just enjoy a quiet drink with some close friends. I’m including several easy to make cocktail recipes and tips here that will make you the master of your home bar in no time. Simple Syrup Sugar doesn’t always dissolve well in … Continue reading Happy Hour – Cocktail Recipes

Veggie and Mushroom Bourguignon

This is a meat free version of Beef Bourguignon, a.k.a. Beef Burgundy, which is a French beef stew. Even without the meat this is a savory and hearty meal. Don’t let the fancy French name fool you, this is actually an easy dish to make and even beginning cooks can master this on the first try. In France this is commonly served with noodles or … Continue reading Veggie and Mushroom Bourguignon

Mini Blueberry Streusel Loaves

This recipe comes courtesy of my new friends over at Pampered Chef. These tiny loaves are delicious and perfect for a family breakfast or brunch with friends. Better yet, pick up some gift boxes and share them with friends and family. Topping Ingredients: 2 tbsp (30 mL) butter, melted ¼ cup (50 mL) all-purpose flour ¼ cup (50 mL) sugar Loaf Ingredients: ½ cup (125 mL) butter, softened ¾ cup (175 mL) sugar 1   egg … Continue reading Mini Blueberry Streusel Loaves

Guayaba y Queso Pastelitos (Cuban guava and cheese pastries)

I am by no means fluent in Spanish, but in the years since the story below I have traveled to many places in the Caribbean and southern US and I have learned enough to get by in hotels and restaurants. I like to eat to where the locals eat and that generally means “no Inglés”. I’m sure they chuckle at my pronunciations and grammar, but … Continue reading Guayaba y Queso Pastelitos (Cuban guava and cheese pastries)

Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Feta

This recipe is another great example of why roasted vegetables need to be in your cooking arsenal. They are incredibly easy to prepare, there are endless variations, and they taste incredible. This recipe amps up the flavor of the sweet potatoes with pecans, red onions and a simple maple glaze. The second recipe in the video below is a variation using apples in place of … Continue reading Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Feta